Early Years Learning Centre

Early Years Learning Centre (0 to 3 yrs)

This unique area was designed specifically for children 0 to 3 years of age. A special environment where babies and toddlers can form secure, trusting relationships with caring and responsive adults, where they always feel safe and have a sense of belonging. It opened in 2020 with two classrooms, cots rooms and large a natural outdoor learning area.

The environment supports children’s unique needs and provides the security of regular educators they can connect and bond with. Each child’s individual routine is supported from sleep to dietary needs. Parents are welcome to drop in throughout the day especially mothers who are still breastfeeding their child.

The spaces are designed for babies to roll around, pull to stand, cruise or practice first steps. Toddlers can explore art & craft, spatial movement, music, language, literacy and the natural world.

Early Years Learning Centre

Gloucester Pre School & Early Years Learning Centre
52 Hume Street Gloucester NSW 2422